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Maximize the business value of your enterprise applications.

The end goal of every business is to enhance profitability and be future-ready. Suitability aligning your enterprise applications to your business environment is the way to build an adaptable, efficient IT foundation. Our Enterprise Business Solutions suite helps you derive strategic business value out of your EB investments. Further, we optimize business flows, deliver actionable intelligence, and provide ‘rapid deployment solutions’ based on our expertise and distributed delivery model. We provide services across the lifecycle of the solution, spanning: consulting, implementation, roll-out, upgrades, enterprise integration, and managed services.


Enterprises are looking for ways to gain real time visibility into their manufacturing and distribution networks to manage lead times while providing higher customer service levels. We offer scalable automation solutions which can be integrated with the existing business processes.

Key Solutions

  • Trace and Track Solutions: Real time tracking of batches, with hand held terminals, efficient and accurate execution of operations, supported by Bar-coded systems.
  • Production Automation Systems: Direct integration of production reports with the ERP systems. Systemic rules to handle complex production formulae while optimizing production and minimizing waste.
  • Workforce Authorization Systems: Entry and authorization management systems to track the workforce and integrate the expenses with the payroll.
  • Equipment and Work Station Systems: Optimization of equipment utilization and work stations for efficient production lines. Rule based integration of equipment and automated movement of data.
  • Transport and Dispatch Systems: Automated management of facilities and logistics to achieve operational efficiencies.
  • Production Scheduling: Automate complex scheduling rules to execute detailed Production Scheduling. Optimize and balance material flow through the plant; subject to capacity and process constraints.
  • Order Promising and Fulfillment Systems: Advanced “To - Promise" capabilities that include evaluating the impact of new orders prior to making commitments.