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Brand Choice

Why Customer Experience Can Make or Break You

Imagine a day in the life of a consumer (me):

I walk into a store to buy a gadget from Brand A. I notice that Brand B has a gadget with similar features on sale, at a significantly lower price. As a customer, I realize Brand B “is good enough” it gives me what I want at a lower price, and I decide buy that instead. There is no possible reason that I would stick to Brand A.

Posted by Chris Luxford | 23 May 2012
customer service

Achieving Sustainable Competitive Product Differentiation

It’s an incredibly competitive world and you need to keep your product visible with smart, sustainable tactics. How do you stay relevant and differentiate your product from the hundreds of others currently in the market?

Here are a couple of well-worn tactics that companies have been using for years:

Posted by Chris Luxford | 1 May 2012