Monthly Archives: February 2016


Critical Capabilities that Enable a Unified Experience-as-a-Service

Customers perceive a brand through various connective processes, touch-points and devices. Thus it is crucial that decision makers start unifying customer experience management across various channels.

Posted by Aegis | 29 Feb 2016

Efficient Banking and Financial Services Operations Driven by Automation

Banking and Financial Services Institutions have to ensure on-time delivery to their customers with high precision and security vigilance. By introducing advanced technology and computerization of operations, these institutions are able to design, innovate, transform and run financial operating models – to eliminate instability, control costs, and manage risks efficiently.

Posted by Aegis | 23 Feb 2016

The Analytics Edge: Bridging the Customer-Company Gaps

In a fast paced, data driven world, businesses often grapple to identify the right metrics and methodologies to assess and accentuate customer experience campaigns. It is time for brands to embrace sales and marketing approaches based on data and advanced analytics, replacing intuition with actual acumen.

Posted by Ajay Guliya | 22 Feb 2016

Accelerating with AegisLisa: The Doman Differentiator

With the technology tides turning, the empowered customers value speed in service with the convenience of performing complex and constant transactions on the go. Digital innovation is not just an option, rather a business necessity.

Posted by Ajay Guliya | 1 Feb 2016