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Metrics That Outsourcing Companies Use to Improve F&A Operations

The world of business has become more open and globalized prompting a highly competitive scenario. The competitiveness is not just external – where one company pits itself against another, it has become very much internal – where a company needs to compete within itself to continuously improve its processes, operations and functions.

Posted by Aegis | 15 Aug 2016

Social Media

Social Media

Posted by Aegis | 10 Aug 2016

Benefits of Aligning Human Resource with Enterprise Goals

A human resource (HR) department is the backbone of a company. Without their meticulous service and knowledge to control workforce, big targets can be easy to miss. Employees play a pivotal role in taking the business forward and achieving goals. Hence, it is essential to hire individuals who have skills aligned with the company’s mission and goals.

Posted by Aegis | 1 Aug 2016