A Three-Step Approach to Customer Experience Management

Posted by Aegis | 10 Mar 2015

The concept of Customer Experience Management is the critical differentiator in the current hyper-competitive, hyper-connected global marketplace scenario. Titan brands use this particular method to strengthen their foothold in different markets.

But what are those extra steps that a brand takes towards engaging their customers and how do they manage to deliver an experience that makes it stand out among others in front of its customers?

Customers are looking not just for a friendly service but a service oriented architecture that can serve them in the fastest possible way with great efficiency and convenience. Digital technology of the recent decade helps customers to express their feedback about the service of a brand in social media networks and thus influence other potential customers’ decisions on the brand services. Millennials are more vocal about their thoughts and perspectives on the services catered by the brands. This specific customer behavior forces the brands to treat their customers more than just a series of nameless IP addresses.

Often organizations must look out for ways to build emotional quotient with every customer. There are certain factors that must be implemented by the organizations to personalize the customer experiences in order to build and maintain their brand identity. It is vital to try and implement various strategies to enhance the customer experience at various touch points.

The idea, while focusing on the customers, gives an insight into how they function. Data-driven insights are often powerful approaches to create tailored messages to address users on an individual level.

Here are just three simple steps on developing deep and authentic relationship with the customers.

Know your Customers: When an organization creates and maintains a customer profile with complete details, it helps them to analyze customer journeys at every touch point across multiple channels. The key factor of driving the metrics like customer loyalty and customer retention is that to build a close and well maintained relationship with your customers. Social media is an important source to derive and analyze structured and unstructured data of every target customer. It helps one to understand what exactly the customers expect from you and make the right decision at the right time.

Make it Personal: After studying your customer thoroughly, it is easy to implement that knowledge to personalize every interaction with them. It is essential to use the data in the level in which the customer operates by offering relevant deals, helpful recommendations or service actions at the right time when a customer is most approachable. It is analyzed that simple actions like addressing them by the first name, conducting surveys on their likes and dislikes create a unique, personal effect in the users mind.

Enable Customers for feedback: Allowing your customers to share their feedback and suggestions on your product to improve its quality helps to build a successful two way communication. This further helps to read their minds, increase customer lifetime value and hold onto their interests.

By enabling your customers to voice their opinions on your brand through reviews, comments and voting opens the doors to building a healthy brand-consumer relationship. Try interlinking your social platform and CRM, so that you can link a customer’s social profile to his/her real-life data. This simple yet effective method helps you to view your customers’ email addresses, the time spent with your business, the things they discussed about your product and more. And there you hit a bull’s eye! You are successful in targeting the potential customers with messages that truly appeals to them.

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