Accelerating with AegisLisa: The Doman Differentiator

Posted by Ajay Guliya | 1 Feb 2016

With the technology tides turning, the empowered customers value speed in service with the convenience of performing complex and constant transactions on the go. Digital innovation is not just an option, rather a business necessity.

However, in order to get the omni-channel digital strategy strong from the start, it is imperative that organizations work with the right people and technologies at the right time.

AegisLISA is built as a collaborative, customizable, customer-centric and ready to deploy digital business solution. Our future-ready framework can help your business harness the full potential of omni-channel interactions to stay ahead of the customer curve. Better yet, we do so by adapting to your required roadmap and customer experience paradigms.

What we do that is different?

  • Draw out customer engagements across platforms including social media, digital ‘talk’ forums – blogs, email, chat, news, retail, e-commerce and contact centres to proactively derive intelligence from the conversation clutter
  • Multi-task across online and offline channels resulting in extraordinary efficiency and reduced cost-to-serve
  • Integrate with CRM to improve first-time resolution and deliver powerful customer experiences
  • Process queries seamlessly with automation, prioritize interactions based on criticality, user profile and persona and send it to the right skilled team for response and resolution
  • Study real-time insights to bring in real-world results so that your brand is endowed with 360 degree actionable acumen with our integrated channel analytics
  • Balanced loads as volumes across channels are distributed with a single queue for all channels
  • Multi-skill and multi lingual utilization with better deployments of multi-lingual (written) agents
  • Develop effective best-practices for digitization to provide a fully integrated customer-brand experience
  • Transform your entire enterprises ecosystem to tune into the true voice of the customer with the right skilled resources and technologies

We are leveraging the flexibility of cloud based business applications and thus becoming an agile business partner to quickly adjust to changing business needs and evolving customer expectations. With our proprietary technology-analytics-execution-domain expertise, we can help optimally organize long-standing CX strategies; for your enterprise and its customers.

Discover our new-age mantra and get in touch so we can design yours.

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