Organizations need to catch up with customers on social media. Or be left behind.

Posted by Rajesh Mallaya | 23 Apr 2012
Aegis LISA: Social Engagement Tool

When I have a bad experience with a product, the first thing I do is take to the internet to talk about it. I post my problem on the product’s blog, Facebook wall or tweet to its official account and finally, if I receive no response online, phone customer care. The companies that give me what I call a ‘good’ customer experience take notice and respond to my queries online immediately. This saves me time and the trouble of having to devote a section of my day specifically to deal with customer care executives.

Off late, this is the procedure that your organization’s regular customers are beginning to follow. Consumers of services and products all over the world are beginning to look at social media as the most important channel of interaction between them and your organization.

Your company needs to sit up and take notice of this. Social media can open up newer possibilities and introduce innovative ways of communication in all spheres. If leveraged correctly, your organization stands to gain from this: insights received through social interactions can be used for positively influencing your organization’s processes and strategy. A conversational thread on a social platform can ignite an idea for a new product, give you genuine insights into your consumers’ needs, or bring to you what the most sought-after employees look for in an employer organization. And now, more than ever, customers look to your social media presence for reassurance.

Ask yourself a question: is your organization ensuring that the presence of its brand on this versatile platform is strategically positioned, and monitored with hawk-like vigilance? A good social media presence amounts to taking visible notice of all online communication and interacting with the consumers on time, accurately. Marketing, public relations, sales, customer support and service, human resources – every function in your organization needs to be harmoniously oriented towards the common business objective and these needs to be made visible in your social media strategy and its execution.

With considerable experience in the field, we recommend a solution that brings all these requirements together to help companies increase their customer loyalty, strengthen their company brand, increase sales and reduce their cost of service. Aegis LISA works on the basis of a ‘four crucial action’ approach that stresses on Listening, Interacting, Socializing, and Aligning/Adapting to responses.

Aegis LISA does this through its:

Technology:This allows organizations to track and filter brand conversations across social networking sites, blogs and discussion forums; respond to them in near real-time, monitor and audit responses, and create deeper engagements. Aegis’ cloud-based solution is self-hosted, with no capital investment involved. The web-based solution offers technology as a service.

Aegis LISA: Social Engagement Tool

Aegis LISA: Social Engagement Tool

Analytics: Aegis LISA has built-in analytical capabilities that help you gain insights into the context of conversations and discover business opportunities. Dashboards and reports are designed around various types of analyses such as competitive analysis, Twitter and Facebook analysis, volume analysis and sentiment analysis.

Execution: Organizations can monitor and handle consumer engagement with the right skill-sets to support social engagement, management capabilities to monitor the sensitive channel, and security features to supervise responses.

Domain Knowledge: Aegis LISA drives domain understanding and competitive benchmarking which develops and steers a brand’s social media strategy. This includes information about social media usage across categories and brands in developed and developing markets, social media best practices, impact of your social media strategy on the growth of your network and ROI.

Is there widespread recognition of the need for social media enabled customer service? Are organisations building capability to engage with customers through social media and is it seen as a single department’s responsibility or a priority for the whole organisation?

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  1. Nilesh Kulkarni says:

    One major reasons for which organizations should catchup with social media if for domain expertise .In the current dynamic world of social media marketing organizations can ask solutions from domain experts outside their organisations and get the work done ,or have solution at minimal cost .(meticulous screening goes without suggestion )

    We have a market full of experts and a ocean of ideas..Time to grab them for smooth business and building more customers with innovative solutions.

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