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The Robots Are Here: Betting on RPA for Intelligent Business Process Management

Across all industries, robots are revolutionizing the way companies operate in nearly every sector of the economy. From the creation of the robotic vehicle assembly lines in manufacturing to robot-assisted surgery in healthcare, robots have long helped improve productivity

Posted by Gurpal Singh | 9 Apr 2019

Impact Sourcing Business is Good Business

The practice of doing Impact Sourcing as we know it today, became prominent with the launch of certification standards for Fair Trade and Organic Agriculture in 1980’s. But over the past few years, technology has scaled the potential of impact sourcing and has become an enabler for real positive social impacts which could

Posted by Ross Telfer | 29 Mar 2019

Aegis Plots a Forward-Looking Front-Office BPO Course

Over the past few years, many front-office BPO players have sought to find their respective footings in what has become an intensely competitive sector. One of the more consistent players has been India-based provider, Aegis. Not only has Aegis been able to build up a respected vertical and functional domain expertise,

Posted by Peter Ryan | 25 Sep 2017
customer satisfaction

Is the Indian Consumer Willing to Pay More for better Customer Experiences?

Customer engagement in India is fundamentally different from customer engagement in mature markets.  Unlike the mature markets that are plagued with stagnant growth rates and a saturated pool of customers,

Posted by Amrita Bhattacharyya | 14 Dec 2012
revenue generation

How Customer Experience Maps can lead to better Revenue Generation

It is widely acknowledged that providing your customers with a great experience can lead to better revenue generation. EBay even claimed in its 2012 Spring Seller Update that a higher level of service increased active

Posted by Chris Luxford | 27 Nov 2012
positive experience

How “Value Chains” have become “Value Constellations”

Value is the real service traded in any transaction. Companies provide their customers with the value they require for a price, so everyone profits in the long run . But the process by which this passes from organization to customer is undergoing a massive transformation today.

Posted by Chris Luxford | 23 Nov 2012

How your Company can Assess Customer Experience Intuitively

Providing a great customer experience is not a well-kept secret that only companies like Amazon can access. In fact, the best customer service I get today is at my local hardware store.

Posted by Chris Luxford | 27 Oct 2012
Aegis CSR

Corporate Responsibility: From ‘Green’ to Business Essence

The common perception of the relationship between environmental friendliness and profits used to be mutually exclusive i.e. high profits lead to low eco-friendly functioning, and vice versa.

Posted by Christine Periera | 10 Sep 2012
Linear Growth

Letting your customers show you growth

The BPO industry has witnessed a surge in the past few years. In fact, over the past decade, it has grown more than tenfold, from USD 8 billion in 2000 to USD 88 billion in 2010.

Posted by Aparup Sengupta | 28 Aug 2012

Common pitfalls observed in social media customer engagement strategies

When you think about brands like Zappos and Southwest Airlines, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Posted by Rajesh Mallaya | 19 Jun 2012