Omni-channel Opportunities: Navigating to Lead the Landscape

Posted by Ajay Guliya | 18 Jan 2016

Customer-Company experiences today comprise multiple interactions across multiple channels. While digital channels have begun to dominate, there is still a strong need for the human role when it comes down to real world support.

The influx of data, therefore, streams through mobile, social media, retail stores, e-commerce sites, contact centers and more. Multi-channel touch points have created challenges in terms of increased cost and restrictive flexibility given all the business drivers.

That said, customers do not think in terms of channels, rather in terms of service. That’s why businesses must transition from multi-channel to omni-channel processes and possibilities. A spot-on, sustainable omni-channel framework is one where each channel operates effectively independently yet the ultimate experience is delivered collectively, by a seamless connection between channels.

Today customers run the relationships and what they expect is consistent, clear and cross-channel ‘omniscient care’. When contextual customer-brand engagements are accurately monitored and measured, irrespective of the communication channel, big data becomes a treasure trove for agile actionable insights and proactive measures. Effortless customer journeys depend on the intuitive intelligence derived by viable technologies and people, as it gives brands a pre-emptive know-how to deliver high quality omni-channel service satisfaction. In the scenario of competing companies, loyalty and longevity is dependent on the direct link between customer satisfaction and company performance which is great CX management.

Thus, omni-channel user experiences, when designed with a goal aligned strategy and upon understanding the customer core, become resourceful in reaping business benefits:

  • Campaign optimization and customization
  • Product and brand innovation
  • Customer conversion rate improvement
  • Lower acquisition and retention costs
  • Risk mitigation
  • End-to-end customer service excellence

When the emphasis of customer experience is more on the conversation and not the channel, then it is possible to build a coherent, consistent and strategic plan of inspired and integrated experiences; across multi-platforms and multi-markets.

We are committed to designing and deploying omni-channel experiences with our Customer Lifecycle Management capabilities. Do discuss your challenges, aspirations and points of view with us.

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