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Omni-channel Opportunities: Navigating to Lead the Landscape

Customer-Company experiences today comprise multiple interactions across multiple channels. While digital channels have begun to dominate, there is still a strong need for the human role when it comes down to real world support.

Posted by Ajay Guliya | 18 Jan 2016

The Global Game Changers: Succeeding with Digital Smarts

The surge of digital transformation and social media has created a profound impact on the way businesses ideate and implement strategies. In the era of networked societies and connected customers, the capacity to cultivate and construct credible customer experiences is crucial in fostering business growth and brand loyalty.

Posted by Ajay Guliya | 4 Jan 2016

Linking contact centers and social media with big data assures better customer experience

There’s been a dramatic surge in the data accumulated by enterprises, both in terms of volume, velocity and variety along with how it is condensed, analyzed, understood and used well.

Posted by Sandip Sen | 11 Jul 2013

Gaining sustainable advantage through differentiated customer experience

In today’s fast-paced business world, where product lifecycle is shrinking rapidly,organizations are grappling to create a sustainable differentiated advantage.

Posted by Sandip Sen | 27 Feb 2013
Aegis CSR

CSR and Value – Making the Connection

When enterprises around the world realize they are at the receiving end of environmentalists’ wrath, they immediately took up random social projects to allay their reputations.Negligible visibility into the real value of these well-meaning ventures means they often fail without any tangible benefits to the environment or the organization. Because of this, social projects and value were often perceived to be on two ends of a spectrum.

Posted by SM Gupta | 22 Jan 2013
customer satisfaction

Is the Indian Consumer Willing to Pay More for better Customer Experiences?

Customer engagement in India is fundamentally different from customer engagement in mature markets.  Unlike the mature markets that are plagued with stagnant growth rates and a saturated pool of customers,

Posted by Amrita Bhattacharyya | 14 Dec 2012
revenue generation

How Customer Experience Maps can lead to better Revenue Generation

It is widely acknowledged that providing your customers with a great experience can lead to better revenue generation. EBay even claimed in its 2012 Spring Seller Update that a higher level of service increased active

Posted by Chris Luxford | 27 Nov 2012
positive experience

How “Value Chains” have become “Value Constellations”

Value is the real service traded in any transaction. Companies provide their customers with the value they require for a price, so everyone profits in the long run . But the process by which this passes from organization to customer is undergoing a massive transformation today.

Posted by Chris Luxford | 23 Nov 2012

How your Company can Assess Customer Experience Intuitively

Providing a great customer experience is not a well-kept secret that only companies like Amazon can access. In fact, the best customer service I get today is at my local hardware store.

Posted by Chris Luxford | 27 Oct 2012
Brand Differentiation

Three Simple Steps to Differentiate Your Brand

To state a truism, it is an incredibly competitive world that we live in. And you need to keep your brand visible from the clutter with smart, sustainable tactics.

Posted by Chris Luxford | 17 Oct 2012