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Corporate Responsibility: From ‘Green’ to Business Essence

The common perception of the relationship between environmental friendliness and profits used to be mutually exclusive i.e. high profits lead to low eco-friendly functioning, and vice versa.

Posted by Christine Periera | 10 Sep 2012
Linear Growth

Letting your customers show you growth

The BPO industry has witnessed a surge in the past few years. In fact, over the past decade, it has grown more than tenfold, from USD 8 billion in 2000 to USD 88 billion in 2010.

Posted by Aparup Sengupta | 28 Aug 2012
Successful Business People Showing Thumbs Up.

A Weapon called CX

We live in a hypercompetitive world where the battle for the customer’s wallet will continue unabated. And only those who play the game better will win.

Posted by Anil Nair | 26 Jun 2012

Common pitfalls observed in social media customer engagement strategies

When you think about brands like Zappos and Southwest Airlines, what’s the first thing that comes to mind?

Posted by Rajesh Mallaya | 19 Jun 2012
Brand Choice

Why Customer Experience Can Make or Break You

Imagine a day in the life of a consumer (me):

I walk into a store to buy a gadget from Brand A. I notice that Brand B has a gadget with similar features on sale, at a significantly lower price. As a customer, I realize Brand B “is good enough” it gives me what I want at a lower price, and I decide buy that instead. There is no possible reason that I would stick to Brand A.

Posted by Chris Luxford | 23 May 2012
customer service

Achieving Sustainable Competitive Product Differentiation

It’s an incredibly competitive world and you need to keep your product visible with smart, sustainable tactics. How do you stay relevant and differentiate your product from the hundreds of others currently in the market?

Here are a couple of well-worn tactics that companies have been using for years:

Posted by Chris Luxford | 1 May 2012
Aegis LISA: Social Engagement Tool

Organizations need to catch up with customers on social media. Or be left behind.

When I have a bad experience with a product, the first thing I do is take to the internet to talk about it. I post my problem on the product’s blog, Facebook wall or tweet to its official account and finally, if I receive no response online, phone customer care.

Posted by Rajesh Mallaya | 23 Apr 2012

Aparup Sengupta among Global Powerhouse 25

IAOP’s Globalization Today magazine publishes an annual list of Global Powerhouse 25, which is a list of individuals who hold the most influential power in the outsourcing industry.

Posted by Aegis | 8 Nov 2011
customer care

Top Eight Considerations to Look for in a BPO Partner

Businesses really cannot afford to compromise on customer care and experience. Unfortunately, however, it is often the case that in the focus to improve revenue streams and cut operating costs, many businesses risk lowering the quality of their customer care.

Posted by Aegis | 21 Sep 2011

Aegis MD & Global CEO Nominated for 2011 Industry Champion APAC

Aparup Sengupta, managing director and Global CEO, Aegis, has been nominated as the 2011 Contact Center Industry Champion for the APAC region.

Posted by Aegis | 19 May 2011