SMAC Enables Differentiated Business Value Services

Posted by Aegis | 30 Jun 2016

At a time when we are seeing a paradigm shift in technology and customer acquisition, SMAC enables companies to decipher businesses value. Recently, ‘SMAC’ – an acronym for Social, Mobility, Analytics, and Cloud – has rapidly become a new business model that many companies are embracing to deliver efficient business processes and strategies to boost growth at large.

The SMAC model has capabilities and potential to unleash opportunities for business organizations, so that they drive consumerization with advanced technologies and enterprise IT. The early adopters of SMAC will undoubtedly have a clear competitive edge over other competitors.

How to accelerate your business transformation with SMAC?

Developers synergized SMAC for a very potent hyper-intelligent software platform that meets on-demand issues of the competitive business environment. It not only represents technologies built on business models, but also reshapes technological skills and thus, optimizes business operations to attain massive business growth. With the advent of various social media platforms and mobile devices, organizations and customers across the world are cohesively connected like never before.

Moreover, with intensive usage of social platforms and mobile devices, there are no boundaries between personal, social, and business communications. The seamless synchronization developed by cross-functioning of Social Media, Mobile Devices, Analytics, and Cloud Computing has empowered organizations to draft valuable insights for business growth.

Prospects of SMAC with a social focus:

‘Social media’ has evolved to be one of the most important domains for decision makers who create business strategies. It has been instrumental in shaping consumer decisions by understanding consumer behavior patterns. The utility of social media has grown beyond staying connected with virtual and real friends; it is used for taking advice on what products to buy with the help of product reviews, consumer forums, discussion boards, which shops to buy from, or which company is good to work with. Thus, social media broadens the horizon for customers and helps potential customers to stay connected with organizations through various social media brand building pillars and customer engagement campaigns like public poll, forums, discussion boards, contests and so on. Social media engagement and brand building campaigns not only help organizations to procure customer data, but analyze behavior patterns for future strategies.

Prospects of SMAC with a mobile focus:

With increasing use of mobile devices and its efficiency in business value and revenue generation, what’s emerged is ‘M-commerce’. Nowadays, we see more smartphones and tablets, digital giving an easy access has effortlessly shifted consumers to use mobile devices than any laptop or desktop. Mobility/flexibility of the mobile devices has given consumers, as well as company sales representatives, the liberty to access data on-the-go with no limitations of being stationed at work or home.

Mobile banking is the best example as it has emerged as one of the most innovative milestones in the financial industry, enabling consumers to do banking without stepping into the banks. Mobile devices have evolved as an effective channel between sellers and buyers, as customers not only buy products, but perform many pre-buying activities.

Prospects of SMAC with a predictive (analytics) focus:

Utilizing the enormous data available on all social media channels and mobile devices, effective analytics is the champion. It can interpret consumer behavior pattern in real-time and consumer trends as well. Thus, they can always be a step ahead of competitors and consumers’ on-demand behavior.

The data collected, if effectively analyzed and utilized, can prove to be an extremely valuable asset and a competitive tool for companies. It may be easy for companies to ignore the prospects of SMAC in focus with ‘analytics’. But if implemented correctly more often than not, it could be treasured for framing future business strategies with high confidence.

Prospects of SMAC with a cloud focus:

Cloud computing has emerged as one of the most efficient and effective methods of storing data, seamless collaboration, and easy sharing. It is widely accepted and adopted by companies, IT outsourcing vendors, and also by the customers accelerating innovations and creating productivity. Cloud computing secures transparency and speed due to involvement of many users in the process. Primarily, there are three channels through which cloud computing services are being provided i.e. public cloud, private cloud, and hybrid cloud. The public cloud services own the largest space in the total market, as it comes with a low cost of adoption. Companies can take cloud services according to market requirements and security policies.

Each pillar in the acronym SMAC adds great value to business, but to avail the seamless benefit of a post-digital world, one has to make the most of social media, mobile devices, predictive analytics, and cloud computing simultaneously. Thus, the new technology platform – SMAC – will affect business strategies and organization productivity across channels.

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