The Right BPM Model for Enhanced Customer Experience

Posted by Aegis | 1 Sep 2015

Delivering better customer experience has become ‘the topic’, especially for consumer-driven businesses. Although the customer-satisfaction concept is as old as trade, recent years have seen customer experience management (CEM) emerging as a new concept.

And with the huge advantage that social media has for customer engagement, there is a scope for enhanced CEM.

Instead of merely searching new customers, it’s about making them happy enough to come back. Large companies try providing a consistently high-quality experience that eventually transforms loyalty into serious brand advocates.

From ‘Acquiring to Inspiring’

Traditional sales cycle taught to business professionals involves acquisition, development, and retention. The contemporary CRM world, however, characterizes customer engagement goals with ‘acquiring to inspiring’. Big brands have effectively monitored and engaged social media users; identified influencers among them and used them for delivering appropriate customer experiences. It is vital to know that both saboteurs and brand advocates live in the connected world. However, with a well-planned approach, finding influencers is more likely. That leads to the experience being shared with another consumer in positive light, ultimately influencing the complete brand image.

Hence, understanding the core customers of a business is critical for delivering appropriately tailored customer experiences.

Customer interaction that’s seamless

A customer-engagement strategy that’s fragmented is common. It ends up into one idiosyncratic experience while one is interacting over phone, social media, online chat, or IVR. Inconsistent experience quality harms the brand image unpleasantly. Customer centers in some companies thus provide ‘select-care’. Services like customer intimacy, multi-channel situation, customer accommodative agents, and insights help clients make a mark with better customer experience. The current BPM scenario finds social advocates working along with contact center executives for better serving customers who prefer a different interaction experience.

With the volume of interactions increasing around social advocates, voice processes will need some catching up on customer engagement through chats, emails, and social media. A competitive BPM provider with an appropriate customer-engagement model will help companies reach goals better, faster, and in a cheaper manner.

It’s not easy to attain the perfection of a high-quality, consistent, seamless customer experience. However, the two models described will surely help companies deliver dividends for themselves and their customers.

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