Transform Your Company: Why It is better to Outsource Finance & Accounting

Posted by Aegis | 5 Nov 2015

The greatest challenge faced by most organizations is to optimize their business processes to enhance its performance. This has encouraged the finance specialists to try out new approaches, even outsourcing the finance and accounting (F&A) operations.

Organizations must streamline their operations and functioning so as to maintain compliance and reduce the cost, at the same time allowing them to focus on the core competencies while letting it grow.

It is possible to deliver the financial planning and analysis services as per the plans just by enhancing the workflow improvement tools. Some of the policies that will help to enable these include strategic planning, data capture and analytics, business performance analysis and integrating data across client legacy finance.

Many organizations, at a particular point of time, believed that it is not necessary to outsource the F&A operations.

Reasons for Outsourcing F&A Operations to multiple vendors:

  • Maintain Cost & Time Efficiency
  • Practical & Sustainable Plan to recover from Crisis
  • Evaluating potential risks in the future

It is usually the level of accounting literacy that determines your survival or failure as an owner of your business.

What Business Organizations expect from F&A outsourcing?

  • Secure early payment discounts
  • Prevent duplicate or erroneous payments
  • Reduce Operational cost

What are the Challenges faced by the finance organizations?

Outsourced vendors must work closely with CFOs & CEOs of the client business for better control and visibility of their finance organizations in addition to cost reduction. In short they must work to:

  • Enhance revenues and improve margins
  • Reduce operational costs
  • Improve the working capital

As one of the latest smart concepts to manage your data, cloud accounting gives freedom to store and access the organization specific crucial information anytime and anywhere.

Every entrepreneur must approach the respective F&A vendor with the correct set of questions that will help them to understand the future strategy further to improve the overall profit of the business. Some of them may include these points- how to interpret the reports, how often should one review these reports, key performance indicators of the reports, and strategy to engineer accounting & bookkeeping systems to help reduce the possibility of fraud or loss. Certain aspects of a business like F&A needs to be outsourced because it can help the organization to get access to the top tools in the industry and these tools produce nightly back-ups and keep organized records for years. It can help you to avoid substantial loss and improve the other areas of your business.

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