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How to Become A Balanced Partner to Your Customers?

The customer is the most important partner. But we’ve heard that, over and over again! What does customer partnership really mean? Is it being able to solve shared problems and striving for brilliance in every communication? May be, but true customer partnership goes far beyond that.

Posted by Aegis | 15 Nov 2016

Pink is The New Blue in IT/BPM Sector

The technology sector of the country is now hiring more women than ever before for various entry-level job profiles, which in turn has boosted the hopes of a better gender-parity equation. According to a report released by National Association of Software and Services Companies (NASSCOM), women are now outnumbering men at entry-level jobs in the largely export-oriented information technology (IT) and business process management (BPM) sectors.

Posted by Aegis | 1 Nov 2016

BPMs Surging Ahead, Armed with Fast-Forward Culture, Dynamic Technologies

Information Technology (IT) today plays a major role in the success of BPM industries. For several years now, the BPM sector has collaborated with businesses to present them with a number of ways— automation, CRM platforms and economies of scale— to reduce their operational costs and build efficiency.

Posted by Aegis | 15 Oct 2016

CIOs are Evolving as the New Change Agents in the BPM Industry

Traditionally when anything on Technology went wrong within an office, it was the department of Information Technology that took care of all the back office requirements. Whether it was a logging issue or a virus problem, the IT department made sure that the computer systems and servers were always up and running.

Posted by Aegis | 1 Oct 2016

Let’s Bust Myths About Mobile Transaction Processing Now!

Multiple paying systems

Whether you have signed up with MasterCard, Visa, or any other payment gateway, transaction process remains the same. However, unique features separate one gateway from the other. Which is why, there are so many paying options.

Posted by Aegis | 15 Sep 2016

Cost Optimization Enhances Operational Efficiencies in Healthcare Sector

Although cost optimization is essential in every sector, currently healthcare is in focus. The medical fraternity is pulling up socks to enhance operational efficiencies and with greater accountability; the future seems to be about better financial performance. At the same time patient care is paramount.

Posted by Aegis | 1 Sep 2016

Metrics That Outsourcing Companies Use to Improve F&A Operations

The world of business has become more open and globalized prompting a highly competitive scenario. The competitiveness is not just external – where one company pits itself against another, it has become very much internal – where a company needs to compete within itself to continuously improve its processes, operations and functions.

Posted by Aegis | 15 Aug 2016

Benefits of Aligning Human Resource with Enterprise Goals

A human resource (HR) department is the backbone of a company. Without their meticulous service and knowledge to control workforce, big targets can be easy to miss. Employees play a pivotal role in taking the business forward and achieving goals. Hence, it is essential to hire individuals who have skills aligned with the company’s mission and goals.

Posted by Aegis | 1 Aug 2016

Achieving Better Business Value Using F&A Services

A company can never anticipate the work pressure that increases incremental costs. If they are using process metrics, there is instant business value addition. It helps going global. If smart technology is applied for smoother operations, even better. That is the best way to achieve business value using F&A services.

Posted by Aegis | 15 Jul 2016

Unlocking the CIO Potential – A 5-Step Positive Value Approach

In 2015, the role of CIOs evolved in such a way that it made 2016 a year of opportunities, which can create value for their investments. Nowadays, most companies obtain all their IT services from specialized providers, effortlessly replacing their IT departments.

Posted by Aegis | 1 Jul 2016