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Experience our holistic approach to sustainability.

Conscious change is not a result of apathy, but accountability. That’s the approach we take when it comes to addressing the issues we face. To us, social responsibility is more than what is called for by legal or financial mandates; it’s the difference we can make in every day and way.


We’re keen to play our part in preserving the environment for future generations. It’s a commitment we work towards by minimizing our negative environmental impact and maximizing the efficient use of resources:

  • Eco-efficiency edge: The environmental policies we have in place reflect our drive to lead by example. We have taken several energy-saving measures in the area of air-conditioning, lighting and DG usage to reduce our overall consumption.
  • Best foot forward: As a responsible organization, we ensure adequate measures are taken to reduce our carbon footprint and aim to become a carbon neutral organization in the near future.

Environment Stewardship: Overall, we aim at improving environmental responsibility by setting high standards and ensuring ground level implementation.