Create personal relevance in customer experiences.
Become a responsive social business.

As members of a truly networked society, people's conversations and expectations are changing at mouse-click speeds. Now, your brand can easily and effectively be part of the on-going social interactions of your coveted customer base - so as to power their happiness quotient and your business value.

The added advantage.

Cultivate a customer-centric culture.

Foster long loyal connections.

Assess the people behind the profile.

Personalize consumer engagements.

Know your competitive value.

Convey it. Capitalize on it.

Surpass competitors with agility and accuracy.

Win big in the marketplace.

Transform your social business strategy.

It's our comprehensive solution to help your business harness the full potential of social platforms and bring in real-world results. Know the real-time trends driving your business. Create the right conversation about your brand with the right people. Anticipate and deliver extraordinary customer experiences. Innovate your brand decisions and translate your image to equity.

A future-ready solution.
Designed on a 'LISA' framework.


Perceive accurate customer thoughts, industry indicators by hearing digital dialogues, and respond at granular levels.


Engage with customers in a transparent eco-system of productive dialogue, and develop relationship opportunities.


Foster long-term customer loyalty by recognizing their needs, and build an influencer community into brand advocates.


Reinvent the way your business works by strategically integrating social media analytics and intelligence with your overall brand approach.

To deliver the LISA framework, our solution sits on four pillars of service offerings comprising Technology, Analytics, Execution and Domain Intelligence.

A what-you-need approach.
When you need it.

Going social can be either a boon or a bane depending on how it is managed. It's a complex task to connect with the right audience across channels and touch-points. When you align your business processes with the right expertise, approach and tools, you can be a game-changer. We offer a gamut of services. Based on your resources and requirements, however, we plug in and play definitive and differentiated business enhancing solutions.


Our proprietary platform robustly tracks and monitors conversation threads across numerous niche social streams in relation to your business. It's a system that has content categorization capability and a self-learning sentiment engine. As a result, interactions are prioritized and sent to the right skilled team for response and resolution with inbuilt CRM capability. It further stores the complete intelligence in a custom-made data base structure for advanced social analytics. Our technology offers include both Basic and Premium. We take care to tailor-fit your selection or our suggestion in line with your strategy needs.


Basic Technology
It's a web-based solution; hosted on shared cloud, to provide ease of deployment and faster turnaround for system readiness. With customizable customer and competitor tracking features, response templates, unique filters and more, it's a choice option for your social business essentials.


Premium Technology
With functionalities at a more comprehensive and automated scale, it serves as a differentiator in providing Customer Relationship Management services. Premium is your pick for higher independence in creating distinctive engagements and quality customer rapports.

Go Social.
Be empowered with insights.

The social evolution is inevitable. It is already changing the way brands and people connect. It is impacting the way companies succeed. To not just survive but thrive, you need to stockpile on social know-how before you jump on the bandwagon. Our resources archive is a great way to get a head start.

"Aegis LISAn is a unique market offering, focused around integrating social and digital media. It is a powerful customer contact solution that provides an expanded level of consumer and business insights," says Frost & Sullivan Principal Analyst Michael DeSalles. "Aegis LISAn provides the ability to listen, interact, socialize and adapt with the online community of a brand via a single social media solution."

Social business has little value without purpose.
Let's design yours, together.

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