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In general, a knowledge base is a centralized repository for information: a public library, a database related information about a particular subject.

In relation to information technology(IT), a knowledge base is a machine-readable resource for the dissemination of information, generally online or with the capacity to be put online. An integral component of knowledge management systems, a knowledge base is used to optimize information collection, organization, and retreival for an organization, or for the general public.



A quick look at the
Insight, Vol 1 August 2009 issue

  • Aegis speak: by Aparup Sengupta
  • Buzz factor

Aegis buzz

  • Aegis acquires UCMS group
  • Aegis makes strategic investment in South Africa

Industry buzz

  • Gartner report: Indian BPO industry‚Äôs revenue to increase two-fold by 2010-end
  • West Asia and North Africa are emerging as key offshoring regions because of their large, well educated population and proximity to Europe. India retains the top BPO destination tag
  • Leading research company Everest says South Africa emerging as a credible alternative offshore destinatio

  • Think tank: Customer relationship management by Alok Choudhary, Chair and Professor of Electrical Engineering and Computer Science in McCormick School of Engineering and Applied Sciences and a Professor of Marketing and Technology Industry Management at Kellogg School of Management, Northwestern University.
  • Case study: Aegis CRM service for VTech

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