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A virtual CFO organization helping real CFOs to concentrate more on strategic initiatives.

Markets and economies are in a state of continual maturity. While cost reductions, streamlining F&A processes, mitigating risks and generating revenue growth remain priorities, the emergent CFO role is to reimagine finance by investing in the firm’s future. This expansion of responsibilities includes driving business vision and growth while combating legacy systems and advancing technologies. The unrelenting pressure to optimize business effectiveness has made the top players look beyond in-house approaches and look at outsourcing as an advantage avenue.


We are a team of professionals with deep domain knowledge and industry expertise; people who can help you manage your F&A services seamlessly. We provide technology backed BPO solutions that are unique in its depth and breadth with flexible delivery models, thus moving your F&A department from a cost center to a profit center. We are an extension to your enterprises capabilities, not a substitute.

Our global experience in delivering end-to-end finance and accounting solutions across multiple business verticals, supported by our industry and functional experience, has us uniquely positioned to optimize the economies of your enterprise. Our aim is to help drive efficiency as needed, either within the department or for the company as a whole. We enable you to drive bottom-line savings with top-line growth by helping you realize your finance transformation goals.

Service Offerings


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Our Differentiators

  • Providing transformational experiences to our clients by leveraging technologies
  • Bringing in industry specific domain knowledge and market intelligence to the table
  • Committing to upfront productivity and delivering through dedicated Quality and BPM resources
  • Employing new generation finance and accounting service practices
  • Lending access to a vast reservoir of subject matter experts and seasoned talent