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Make your money deliver more and work better.

The procurement role has transformed from being a back-office facility to a front-faced, value adding, company integral business service. Sourcing and procurement has come a long way from being a functional silo, working on its own to fulfill the purchase requirements for the organization, to one where it is now expected to generate value. This transformation from being a cost-center to a value-center is a shift that every organization has to come to terms with. There is a need (and opportunity) to implement innovation – across strategy, people, processes, technology, channels and the company itself- and transform spend management from a business service to a productivity propeller.

Due to the increasingly inter-connected and risk-ridden supply chains, an across-the-board solution is a viable vision. That’s what we specialize in- integrating the disparate parts of your procurement organization to enable it to deliver better value, foster growth opportunities and blueprint future-ready ‘spend’ models.

We help your business with strategic cost optimization efforts through a structured and consultative transformation framework; enabled by our trained people, best-in-breed processes, global exposure, technology expertise and risk mitigation strategies. We help improve the effectiveness of your supply chain operations, strategic sourcing processes, transformation expansion programs and operational efficiencies.

Built upon our years of know-how in metamorphosing regular procurement teams to front runners in their industry, we share our knowledge spanning the following areas:

Consulting Services

  • Procurement Transformation
  • Supply Chain Optimization
  • Shared Services

Outsourcing Services

  • Procurement Outsourcing

Infratructure Services

  • Store Roll Out Management
  • Branch Network Optimization
  • Facilities Buying and Fit outs

Our Differentiators

  • Making technology work for you: Our Spend Consultants deliver across platforms for varying scale and complexities of implementation- be it our own home grown Procurement Tool, select Third-Party Sourcing platforms or working with industry leading ERPs
  • Width and Depth of our offerings: We understand that each client’s needs and problems are unique and so also should be the solution. From consulting to outsourcing to software to infrastructure services, we deliver end-to-end procurement and sourcing solutions
  • Comprehensive Expertise: Ours is a collective experience running into multi-billion dollar spend management in various categories across diverse regions and industries
  • Adaptable Delivery Model: We work not like contractors but as partners, leveraging our geographic presence along with our flexible delivery models. Whether it is for FTE based, Effort based, Milestone linked, Outcome/Transaction based, Gain Share or Managed Operating Envelope solutions
  • Niche infrastructure services: We offer unique infrastructure implementation services including Sourcing and Program Management activities for your retail and geographic expansion needs
  • Cost Optimization through right country sourcing: Our dedicated global sourcing arm brings in TCO savings by using assured and tested sourcing methodology; for developed as well as emerging markets


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